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Outtakes from the hilarious Mrs. Brown Series.

Dear Sir/Madman
Thank you for following the day to day stories of my family in the 7 DVDs so far. I would like to put right many press reports that have popped up over this time.

- Firstly my family are not dysfunctional we are Catholic;
- Cathy is not a virgin, not yet;
- My Rory is not gay he is biosexy;
- Dermot Brown does not have Shergar.

We were all born in the inner city of Dublin, but now live in Finglas by the Tolka River. You can stand on the banks of the river in the summer and watch the fish float by (some of it still in the tin).

In this DVD you will find a collection of bloomers made during filming of the seven DVDs. I hope you get a laugh and a flavour of how much fun we have every year shooting so go on, sit back and watch the "professional" actors making a pigs m**key of themselves - this is your chance to have a root through Mrs. Brown's Bloomers. I hope this letter finds you as it leaves me happy and well.

Agnes Brown xxxx